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I didn’t check off the “[Interested in] Acting” box when I signed up on Julia Cameron Live. Even though acting is fun, I’m not terribly talented, nor have I had much opportunity to try it out. After a week or so of it niggling me, however, I figured I should be honest about what I’m interested in—JCL is a site to help encourage one’s interests and creativity, after all—so I edited my profile and checked the “Acting” box.

This weekend I went with a friend to my first SCA event. Bardic Bedlam is an event dedicated to singing, storytelling, poetry, and acting—entertaining through voice and body. I sang for the group and had a great time listening and watching and learning.

They offered classes between “Challenges” (ie. writing/singing prompts. Have I mentioned that I love prompts?), and I took a history of stage comedy class, and the first part of the acting class. Both were quite fun, and it turns out I already own a book on the masks they spoke of; I’ve been interested in such acting for a while, though not used my time to explore. The history class was quite informative—I am keeping the handout with the book of Venetian masks now—and the acting class, taught by her husband, was intense in a satisfying way.

This morning, as my friend and I were packing our tent to head home, the acting teacher asked if I’d like to join his troupe when he puts them back together this year.

I was flummoxed, but really happy. I’ll have to find out more, and I’m nervous, but I really want to say Yes. I’ve wanted to explore acting—comedy improv especially—and now a chance has dropped into my lap.

Synchronicity? I think yes.

This entry’s title is a lyric from one of the songs I heard at the event. It’s called My Mother’s Savage Daughter, and it’s a gorgeous, heart-stomping anthem for women.


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